Real life

If we’re honest with ourselves, we have to admit: we’ve all messed up. We live in a broken world and we ourselves are broken. 

All the wrong things we’ve done separate us from the perfect God. When this life is over, God can’t let us into heaven in our current state – what kind of heaven would it be if we brought all our rottenness there?

The reality is this: our wrongdoing condemns us to eternal separation from God – a place the Bible calls ‘Hell’. Thankfully that’s not the whole story…

Incredibly, despite our brokenness, God still wants us to spend eternity with Him. So He sent His Son (Jesus, who is Himself God) to earth in human form 2000 years ago. He lived a perfect life, but suffered and died a criminal’s death by Crucifixion, bearing the death penalty for our wrongdoing. 

Being God, the Maker of the whole universe and Designer of the very physics that holds it all together, He couldn’t stay dead. Jesus was resurrected from the grave 3 days after His horrific death. 

Now He’s alive, He offers you total forgiveness for everything you’ve done wrong, so that you can spend the rest of forever in heaven, alive and free. 

Free from fear. Free from pain. Free from sadness. 

God loves you more than you will ever know. Although, He is infinitely loving, He is infinitely just. In order to claim this incredible gift of life, we have to accept His forgiveness. 

It’s up to each of us to make that choice for ourselves. Will you accept it?